Go To Bed: Survive The Night


Go To Bed: Survive The Night – 33% off Launch Week on Steam!

A slithering, creeping evil lurks just beyond safety of the light. Indeed, the King of Shadows is up to no good this night, and his beastly minions are getting hungrier by the second. You had better get clicking if you want to live! Can you survive until dawn in this whimsical and spooky nightmare outing?

Go To Bed: Survive The Night is an eerie “bedroom defense” game, where you are tasked with helping a young boy stay alive from dusk ’til dawn as waves of malevolent shadow beings come slithering out from the darkness. Light and darkness play heavily into the game mechanics and power-ups, and you’ll spend a lot of time frantically battling unholy beasties before they can get their fangs on the young lad.

Note: we’ll be updating the iOS version with the new content in the near future!

ATTENTION YOUTUBERS! You super totally have our permission to to livestream/record + broadcast gameplay/do let’s plays, whatever! We love that! Please send us links if you do!




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