NUCLEAR GOLF – Delayed to Early 2017

nucleargolf6What a long, zany year. In the past 12 months we’ve gone from coming up with a kooky prototype for a post-apocalyptic 2D golf game featuring radiation and explosions to building that out into something fun and ridiculous — and working with Sony to get it prepped for PS4 and PS Vita, no less!

It’s been a wild ride, and we’re excited and eager to unleash this thing we’ve made for you all. Unfortunately, that thing will not be quite ready to launch this year.

Logistically, the process of releasing your game on a console as a tiny indie studio is kind of super batshit a little more involved than simply punting it to PC. That’s taken some additional time to sort though from a technical standpoint, though Sony has been incredibly awesome to work with throughout the process.

The other reality is we’re only three guys working on this project, and we all have full-time jobs outside of Touchfight Games. We’ve pushed super hard through 2016, toiling away in our subterranean lairs like pale slimy troll people, but we’ve still got a ways to go as we tidy up the last pieces of the game and wade through the QA and tech side of things.

We’ve come so very close to the finish line on this project, but to ensure a smooth launch and avoid getting lost in the chaos of the holiday release onslaught we’re about to hit, we’ve had to make the touch decision to push the game’s release into 2017.

It’s not a choice we’ve made lightly. The extra time, however, will be extremely helpful as we button up the game, add final spit-shine, and navigate the process of getting it finalized for launch on PSN.

So… Nuclear Golf will be delayed to 2017. We’re hopeful that we’ll see it launch on the earlier side of next year, but we’re not committing to any specific dates until we’ve got the thing done and prepped to go.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

-Touchfight Games

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