GTB Headed to Steam SOON!


Hey all! It’s been almost a year exactly since we launched the initial iOS edition of Go To Bed: Survive The Night. In the 12 months since, we’ve been working on adding a TON of new content, optimizing the game, and prepping for a full PC launch on Steam. That time is just about here! We’re working hard to button up the final tidbits so we can launch the Steam edition by Halloween. So expect an update about the game going live sometime in the next week or so!

So what’s new with GTB?

Aside from making lots of minor improvements and adjustments to the core game, we’ve added a meaty challenging mode called The Nightmare Gauntlet. This batch of nine unlockable stages is a lot tougher than the main game, and it introduces a collectible component. If you can beat each stage and collect all of the items, you’ll unlock a special final boss battle mode that’s super nerdy and more than a little goofy. These gauntlet stages and the final encounter also change up the gameplay and add new twists to the adventure.

We’ve been working super hard to update the game and make it even more spooky and fun, so we’re excited to be able to share the final edition with you soon! The Steam edition will also include unlockable Steam achievements, assuming we don’t run into any weird snags implementing them this week.


What about updates to the iOS edition?

Our focus right now is in getting the Steam edition launched. We DO plan to update the iOS version with all of the new content, though that’s going to require a bit more tinkering behind-the-scenes to get everything fine-tuned for the mobile format.

What’s next after GTB?

We haven’t announced it yet publicly, but this year we also made a HUGE amount of progress on a super-secret project that’ll launch on PS4 and Vita sometime early next year. If you study the screenshot above, you’ll get a hint at what’s coming down the pike from Touchfight Games in 2016!

Stay tuned. We’ll be rolling out an announcement and trailer once we put Go To Bed….errrr…to bed.

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