Coming Soon: “The Gauntlet” iOS Update for Go To Bed

screenshotsatHope everyone had a great holidays! Go To Bed’s iOS launch was a fairly quiet one, but we’re excited to bang the drum again very soon with the upcoming launch of our big content update dubbed “The Gauntlet.” We’ve been working hard behind the scenes at Touchfight HQ putting together a punishing and inventive batch of challenge stages to flesh out Go To Bed’s gameplay in a few interesting and crazy directions! Alongside this meaty update, the core story mode will also be getting a few minor tweaks and refinements as well. For example, we know the toybox upgrade is a bit “meh,” so we’re going to kick that up a few notches, among a few other things.

The Gauntlet update, which is exclusive to the iOS edition,  will basically more than double the content that’s currently available in the game. Expect some new twists on the arcade style gameplay, a handful of tricky new foes, and an addictive collection/unlock element that should add some additional replay value.

We’re hoping to have The Gauntlet update ready sometime in January, and will be making a big push to spread the word once it’s out. This will cap off the iOS edition, and we’ll be turning our attention to fleshing out the PC version with an entirely different batch of exclusive content! You can still grab the PC Beta directly through us via Gumroad right now, and we’d appreciate your support with a YES vote to help us get Greenlit on Steam!

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