Go To Bed: Survive The Night (Beta + OST Bundle) Launches on PC Today!

What a crazy ride the past few months have been. After surviving a gauntlet of insane tech challenges and oddball mishaps, we’re finally here: Launch Day! Today, we’ve launched the PC version of our debut game, Go To Bed: Survive The Night! By buying the Early Beta today, you’ll get the full main story mode, first unlockable challenge mode, and the game’s official soundtrack. It’ll also give you access to all future updates and a Steam code once the game is successfully Greenlit.

In the coming months we’ll be more than doubling the content in the current build, adding a secondary story campaign mode as well as additional challenge and unlockable play modes.

On a side note: The iOS version is also complete, though it was slightly delayed. We hope to have that edition available on the App store later this month. The iOS and PC versions will have the same core main story mode and “Mum Rush” content, though we’re going to make the bonus goodies and unlockable modes unique to each version. Stay tuned for more details!

Thanks again and we appreciate your support. Please check out the gameand help spread the word!

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