Official trailer for our gaming debut “Go To Bed”

Today we’re excited to formally kick off the studio and announce our first game, Go To Bed, which will headed to iOS (iPad, and iPhone) this fall. We’ve been hard at work on our first few projects, and we can’t wait to put what we’ve been working on in your hands.

So what is Go To Bed exactly? It’s a creepy “bedroom defense” game that mixes Len’s beautiful hand-drawn art style and a children’s storybook vibe with a darker, more warped gameplay spin. Evil wants to touch you. You have to touch it first. Tap, swipe, and prod the dark shadowy creatures that encroach upon your dimply lit bedroom in increasing numbers…if you want to survive the night. It starts off simple enough, but Jon and I are layering on new foes, mechanics, and power-ups that ramps up in intensity the longer you play.

We hope to have the game out in time for Halloween, but failing that, you’ll definitely have a chance to go hands-on with Go To Bed in the very near future. Stay tuned!


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